Angels and Demons - The Movie: Review

Angels and Demons has not exactly been getting rave reviews and quite frankly I am kind of at a loss as to why. I went to see it today with little expectations and frankly almost turned around twice because I was just that un-interested. As much as I enjoyed the first film I thought it was to hard to believe and far to over the top. So the sequel was not exactly high on my list to see. I was only going as part of my civic duty to share a review with you all and let you know what I think. Or at least thats my story and I am sticking to it :)

The creepiest element from the first film which does not return is Tom Hanks horrible hair piece. This go around they made Tom Hanks look alot more natural and well... more human and less alien. Thank goodness for that since the first film his hair piece was very distracting to the point of taking away from his character.

I was quite surprised to find that Angels and Demons unlike The DaVinci Code was actually quite believable and far less far fetched then the original which had more fiction then reality. The sequel tells the story of the Illuminate who are back to cause trouble after the pope dies. Little do they know that the real problems lie much much closer to home.

The story behind Angels and Demons is really well told and unlike DaVinci Code is highly plausible... and very believable. I did not find myself sitting back ( accept for at the end ) going 'yeah right'. Which I did do in the original film. I particularly enjoyed that the puzzles were a bit less over the top and a little more real. Overall I think Angels and Demons is a pretty good film if you have an interest in religion and history which I do. Well worth checking out in my opinion and not near as bad as film critics have made it out to be.

I was also quite surprsied to see that the Catholic Church was not cast as the vilains. Sure there was plenty of implied evil but at the end of the day I felt that this film cast the Catholic Religion in a very bright light and did alot to showcase the religion and the fact that yes... it like any religion is made up of men and women who are flawed but the goal is a greater good. I am by no means religious but it was nice to see it didnt take a majorly negative tone towards one of the worlds largest religions.

The biggest bummer of going to see this movie was coming out to find out some jerk had scratched the hell out of my car while I was inside partaking in a film. Seriously... do people have no manners or courtesy at all?


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  1. prithwish2006

    Thanks Rolling…

    I don’t hate people without manners… I feel sorry for them that they are not able to understand, contribute and gain from society keeping their personal matters or choices apart.

    June 08, 2009